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Brooklyn Nets Reportedly 'Unwilling' To Give Kyrie Irving A Long-Term Extension This Offseason

Kyrie Irving Allegedly Held His Own Practices With Brooklyn Nets Players After Team Practice

The Brooklyn Nets have big questions to answer this offseason, as Kyrie Irving's contract extension hasn't been signed yet. In the last couple of weeks, we've heard rumors of what could happen with the team and their star. Kyrie comes from a tumultuous season where he initially didn't play, then became a part-time player, and then was allowed to play every match with his teammates. 

Now, the team has to decide if they will commit to Kyrie long-term, or they'll don't bet a lot of money on somebody with a controversial history that can leave them hanging at any moment. 

According to Kristian Winfield, New York Daily News, the Nets are reportedly 'unwilling' to offer a long-term deal to Kyrie, given his controversies in recent seasons. Besides his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine, his injury history could affect Kyrie's chances of getting another big deal in Brooklyn:

In layman’s terms, if Irving leaves the Nets, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Durant becomes frustrated with the organization’s ability to put championship pieces around him. They failed to do so at the beginning of last season, with none of their top offseason acquisitions — James Johnson, DeAndre Bembry, or Jevon Carter — finishing the year in Brooklyn.

This is why the Nets’ championship hopes hinge on an amicable solution with Irving, whose personal decision not to get vaccinated and unpredictable injury history have left the Nets hesitant, and now, according to a source familiar with the Nets’ thought process, outright unwilling to give him a long-term extension.

This is a complex situation for the team and the player. Kyrie has earned a reputation around the league, and perhaps not so many teams will be willing to give him the type of contract he wants, while the Nets could see their Robin leave, which would prompt their Batman to grow unhappy and create friction with the front office. This offseason will be huge for Brooklyn, who also are keeping tabs on Ben Simmons' recovery ahead of next season.