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Blake Griffin Says The Boston Celtics Started The Superteams, Not LeBron James

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For years, some people have tried to demeanor what LeBron James has accomplished in the league, stating that he's only capable of winning with Superteams.

And, while the evidence could point that way, basketball is a team sport so there should be no shame in having a good supporting cast by you.

Moreover, people always point the finger at LeBron for starting the Superteam era. But, in a recent interview for JJ Redicks' podcast The Old Man and the Tree, Blake Griffin shut down that narrative and blamed the Boston Celtics instead:

“I think it’s really funny. You know how everybody really s— on LeBron. LeBron was kind of the first guy that everybody s— on for joining — the [Boston] Celtics did it,” Griffin said. “They brought K.G. (Kevin Garnett) and Ray Allen to team up with Paul Pierce.”

While Griffin's point is pretty valid, Redick wasn't buying it. Instead, he explained why people are right to point the finger at James, as he's handpicked most of his teammates throughout the years:

“Yeah, but I’ve said this before, and I’ll stick by it,” Redick replied. “The Celtics did it by front office, right? It wasn’t — the LeBron thing sort of set off this player empowerment era. By linking up with D-Wade (Dwyane Wade) and Chris Bosh, and we’re all going to go to the same place together, having these conversations behind closed doors with USA Basketball, whatever it may be. Whereas with the Celtics, it was Danny Ainge the mastermind, up in the front office, putting up the superteam.

Superteams will always be a subject of controversy. Some people say they hurt the league's competitive balance, others believe it's better to watch the best play with the best.

Whatever is the case, it seems like LeBron will never shake off that narrative.