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Blazers Fan Storms Out After Diamond Tester Exposes Her Ring As Fake On Live TV

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Monday's Blazers/Hawks game was an interesting affair, but not for the reasons you might think.

It was a typical game for Atlanta, who won by 9 against Portland, but what happened to one happy "couple" sitting courtside caused a scene (that may or may not have been staged) that went viral online.

At some point during a break in the action, the team's mascot, "Harry the Hawk," made his rounds with a diamond tester meant to expose fake jewelry. After the scan of one obviously nervous woman revealed her ring as a fake, she threw the item at her partner before storming out of view.

While the main feature of an NBA game is, obviously, the game itself, stuff like this can sometimes overshadow what is happening on the court.

In a game back in 2020, for example, the Raptors went viral for a kiss cam mistake that put a man and his sister in the spotlight.

As the cameras scanned the crowd, things went normally at first and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then the cam switched to a new "couple" only to find out they were brother and sister, not each other's date.

As the couple awkwardly sat there, the guy is seen mouthing the words "That's my sister" as the girl attempts to hide her face.

In this case, the consequences may be more severe... or maybe not. Many believe the whole thing may have been staged.

Either way, it was a pretty wild ordeal.

Fake or real, fans were having a good time reacting to the video.

As to the "couple," we do not have an update on their status nor do we have any confirmation on whether or not they knew what was going on.

Let it be a reminder that, sometimes, the craziness doesn't just stay on the court... it can seep into the seats as well.