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NBA Kiss Cam Made A Huge Mistake: 'That's My Sister'

(via The Keg)

(via The Keg)

Going to an NBA basketball game involves much more than just watching the game. It's an experience.

Part of the ordeal is the creative way arenas entertain their guests during breaks -- half-time shows, special contests, and giveaways. Of course, the NBA Kiss Cam is one tradition most sports venues love to put on and, usually, it's a huge success.

Unfortunately for the Raptors, their most recent Kiss Cam segment took an awkward turn.

As the cameras scanned the crowd, things went normally at first and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then the cam switched to a new "couple" only to find out they were brother and sister, not each other's date.

As the couple awkwardly sat there, the guy is seen mouthing the words "That's my sister" as the girl attempts to hide her face.

Yikes... that's a mood-wrecker. But, actually, the siblings will probably laugh about it later. It's a moment they likely won't forget. Plus, the Raptors came out with the win, too.

Overall, the Raptors have had a pretty stellar season, surpassing every expectation given to them at the start of the season. This epic "Kiss cam" blunder was just one of a very small number of mistakes they've made all year.