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Bob Myers Confirms The Warriors Will Talk With Jordan Poole About Contract Extension: "I Know They Wanna Meet And I Know We Wanna Meet. We’ll See What The Next Two Weeks Give Us.”

Jordan Poole

If the Warriors want to keep their core together, they are going to have to pay a hefty price. Between Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson alone, the Dubs have committed hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, if they want to keep Jordan Poole, they'll have to find even more to give. The good news is Warriors President/GM Bob Meyers has confirmed that he intends to begin negotiations with Poole's camp before the deadline passes in October.

“We’re gonna meet with his reps I think after Tokyo, and sit down for the first time and start having that conversation. I think that’s about two weeks out from the deadline for him. Where that will go, I don’t know. I know that they wanna meet and I know we wanna meet. We’ll see what the next two weeks give us.”

After two subpar campaigns, the Warriors regained their position at the top this season with the return of Klay Thompson and the breakout performances of Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman.

Jordan Poole Will Be An Expensive Player To Keep Around

Poole emerged as one of their best players and is considered among the untouchables by many Warriors fans. Sadly, not all league executives are convinced that Poole is a lock to remain with the club.

Some believe he has outgrown his role with the Warriors, under the shadow of Steph Curry, and it could be what leads to his exit.

“Poole, though, could have some [Harrison] Barnes in him,” an NBA executive explained. “He got to show what he can do a bit when everyone was hurt and the team was bad, but he got pushed back within the team once Klay was healthy and everyone was talking about Wiggins and all. It depends on how they handle this contract. But if he gets the sense they do not want him, yeah, he is the one I could imagine looking elsewhere, like Barnes did. Of course, they replaced Barnes with Durant. Maybe they’ll do the same with Poole.”

With averages of 18.5 points, 4 assists, and 3.4 rebounds per game last season, Jordan Poole is sure to command a hefty pay raise on his next contact. He has shown his value to be pretty high in today's NBA.

The only thing in question now is how much the Warriors value him and what kind of money they are willing to give in order to keep him around.

Considering both sides are eager for negotiations to begin, the odds are looking good for a long-term commitment.