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Bradley Beal Says Competing For Scoring Title Wasn't His Goal This Season

(via Space City Scoop)

(via Space City Scoop)

All of a sudden, it seems like the Washington Wizards are actually pretty good. They got off to a rough start of the season and had to deal with multiple injuries, all while featuring a historically poor defense. Now, they're on the verge of making the playoffs.

Russell Westbrook has been playing arguably the best basketball of his career but Bradley Beal continues to do most of the heavy-lifting when it comes to scoring.

We've gotten used to watching Beal torching up rival defenses for the past couple of years, as he's grown to become one of the top-notch scorers in the NBA.

Then again, he admits that it's finally good to see those numbers to good use, as he wasn't getting many wins on the past despite scoring 40 a game:

“Nothing’s changed for me. I’ve been doing the same thing and playing the same way as I’ve been playing the last two or three years. Nothing’s changed. I feel like I’ve been putting up big numbers, but a lot of those numbers I’ve been taking L’s. So now we’re in a position where we’re winning and playing some of the best basketball we’ve been playing all year and at the right time. So that’s always been my main focus and priority," Beal said on ESPN's First Take.

Beal has a strong shot to become this year's Scoring Champion with his 31.4 points-per-game average. However, he's got to beat Stephen Curry and a hamstring injury to pull off that feat. 

Nonetheless, Beal looked unbothered and unfazed by that possibility, as he said that it was never a goal of his to win that accolade:

“It would be remarkable to win that, but that wasn’t a goal of mine at the beginning of the year, so I’m not making it one now. But if it happens, it happens, I’ll be happy. I’m not gonna sit here and be naïve about it," the All-Star guard concluded.

Right now, Curry is averaging a whopping 31.8 points a game and it doesn't seem like he's planning on slowing down. But, as it happens with Beal, all that matters now is a playoff berth.