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Bradley Beal Wants To Win With The Washington Wizards: "I Want To Win The Right Way And Do It Here. I Think We Have Enough."

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Bradley Beal is known as one of the most loyal players in the league, and he is a star that has remained steadfast in his commitment to one franchise, despite the constant trade rumors surrounding him. He finished second in the scoring title race last season, averaging 31.3 PPG. 

There's no doubt that Bradley Beal can be the focal point of an offense, as his scoring ability is simply amazing. The Washington Wizards would certainly  While there have been reports that Bradley Beal was considering a trade request before the NBA draft, it seems as though he is committed to the Washington Wizards as of now. 

During his recent media availability, Bradley Beal stated that he wants to win "the right way" and "do it here", referring to Washington. It also seems as though he believes that the Wizards could potentially win the championship during this upcoming season, stating that he thinks the team "has enough" to do so.

Bradley Beal definitely believes in the current Washington Wizards roster. Though losing Russell Westbrook definitely hurts, the team got some solid players in return such as Montrezl Harrell and Kyle Kuzma. They also managed to acquire Spencer Dinwiddie in a sign-and-trade this summer as well. They have a solid squad with capable players around Bradley Beal, and we'll see how far their team gets this season.

It is still possible that Bradley Beal could ask out of the Washington Wizards in the future, and we've definitely seen loyal stars ask for trades in the past. However, as of right now, it seems as though he's all-in on winning with the Wizards, which is extremely admirable. While there are other great teams that will certainly stand in the way of Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards getting a championship, it seems as though Beal is ready for the challenge.