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Bronny James Has Huge Night At Staples Center Against LeBron's Old High School

Bronny James

For nearly two decades, LeBron James has completely dominated the NBA, winning 4 MVPs and 4 Championships along the way.

But apparently, we've only seen the beginning of the James family rule.

On Saturday, Bronny played against LeBron's Alma Mater (St. Vincent-St. Mary's) at Staples Center, dropping 19-points to showcase his amazing skills.

Bronny, 17, is in his final year of High School at Sierra Canyon, and he's already got the world on notice.

“It is tough to judge how a player at Bronny James’ age is ultimately going to end up, but that is the projection business that we are in,” a recruiting expert told Jerry Meyer of 247 Sports.

“I expect James to develop into a quality high major player. And with his lineage, there is a strong reason to believe that he will have a blossoming physically and in his game in the upcoming years."

"What will be interesting to observe is how he deals with the intense pressure and scrutiny from being the son of LeBron James. How he deals with that circumstance will have much to do with how good he becomes. He will have to go through a tough process of defining and becoming who he is as his own individual.”

It's still way too early to say, for sure, how good Bronny will be at the college or NBA level. Still, he has shown flashes of stardom that should have fans very, very excited about what is to come.

The bigger question in all of this is if LeBron James will still be around when/if Bronny makes the jump to the pros. James has already expressed a desire to share an NBA court with his son, and we know that he's still got plenty left in the tank.

All we can do right now is just watch and wait to see how it all unfolds.