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Brooklyn Nets Did Everything For Kevin Durant, But He Betrayed Them And Requested A Trade Instead

Adrian Wojnarowski Says Suns Are Out Of The Kevin Durant Race After Re-Signing Deandre Ayton: "Suns Are Left Short Of What It Would Require To Pry KD Out Of Brooklyn"

Kevin Durant has largely escaped the criticism for everything that has gone wrong for the Brooklyn Nets this season. He has been playing at his usual elite level for the last couple of seasons after bouncing back from a difficult Achilles injury. So he's slipped the radar with the bigger issues on the Nets like Kyrie Irving's unavailability and James Harden's unhappiness making the headlines instead. 

However, since the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship, there have been plenty of people calling KD out and questioning his legacy, with his former team winning supposedly contributing to his decision. However, his latest move has been to ask for a trade from Brooklyn despite being under contract for the coming 4 seasons. He's also seemingly blaming the organization for not doing enough for Kyrie, which has seen KD earn a lot more criticism once again. 

And one NBA fan on Reddit has spelled out exactly what makes the Slim Reaper's decision to put in a trade request so much more egregious than it looks on the surface. 

"One thing people are overlooking with this KD drama. The Nets paid for a full season of recovery from his Achilles injury. For him to demand a trade after a season and a half.

"Not only was he signed to a max contract but also made the Nets sign a old a** Deandre Jordan along with Kyrie and then forcing them to gut their assets for James Harden who was about to become a FA. The Nets did absolutely everything he asked for."

The Nets stood by Durant as he took an entire season to recover while also ensuring that he and Irving had everything they asked for. However, it has not worked out at all in Brooklyn and it seems KD is not in the mood to stick around. Which team can pull off a trade for one of the best scorers ever remains to be seen, but he reportedly wishes to end up on the Phoenix Suns or the Miami Heat