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Bryce James Is Taller Than LeBron James Was At The Same Age

Bryce James Is Taller Than LeBron James Was At The Same Age

As he gets older, LeBron James has shown that he is as much a family man as he is a winner on the court. His desire to play in the NBA alongside his son Bronny has been spoken about quite a bit. But Bron is also very supportive of his younger son, Bryce. He is often posting on social media about Bryce's accomplishments

The younger James is surprising a lot of people with his size and ability. While his brother Bronny is listed at 6'2”, Bryce is seemingly already much taller despite being only 15. Fans recently noticed that Bryce is taller at 15 than LeBron himself was at that age. 

Of course, while Bryce is good, he would have to improve significantly to match the hype his father had out of high school. Many fans seem to think that he will be the more dominant NBA player out of LeBron's sons, and they left comments saying as much on the post. 

"He grows 1 cm a day."

"This kid is gonna be a problem, fr."

"Wtf Bron putting in the tacos?"

"Probably be more like KD than Bron."

"He’s the chosen one."

"Bryce is gonna be Better then LeBron and Bronny."

"Bryce the one mark my words."

"Bryce gone be a superstar In the league watch."

"Bryce gone be that dude."

"He's about to take over, man."

"The heir to Bron fr fr."

The comparisons to their father will likely never stop for LeBron James' kids, but he is likely ensuring that they keep focused on their game more than anything else. A video recently went viral of him working out with his sons as well. With the right attitude and guidance, there is no reason to believe that Bryce, along with Bronny, will both make their marks in the NBA.