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Carmelo Anthony On His Impact On The Blazers: “I Bring Something Different To The Team. A Different Type Of Leadership To The Team. I Bring A Work Ethic To The Team."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

After several months trying to find his way back to the league, Carmelo Anthony received a new opportunity in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers. The veteran forward demonstrated he was ready to take the challenge and he confirmed that in the bubble. Melo showed up in crunch time, tying and winning games for his time, earning praises and apologizes from all those who doubted him.

It looks like he's living a second youth with the Blazers and Melo can't be happier about it. Melo sat down with ESPN to discuss a variety of topics, including his role in the Blazers and what it means to him playing versus LeBron James in 2020. When talking about his impact on the court, Melo said:

“I bring something different to the team. A different type of leadership to the team. I bring a work ethic to the team. I bring a mental stimulation to the team that guys feel comfortable just talking like, ‘Oh damn, Melo is out there working out like that’.

“You know that is a domino effect. Those are the things that I bring to the team’s experience in situations where some the guys have probably never been to and give advice. Just being there for the team.”

He had to adjust his mindset, his game and the expectations to get a new shot in the league and that has paid off for the future Hall of Famer. Melo has demonstrated he can ball, he still got it and we'll likely see him again next season.

The Blazers are on the verge of getting eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers, especially now that Damian Lillard left the team due to an injury. Melo will try to pull off the miracle, but it looks like he'll have to wait another season to win that longed-for ring.