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Carmelo Anthony Responds To Nuggets Fan Heckling Him: “It’s Cool, Man. I Love Them Too. I Love Those Guys Too. It’s Been, What, Almost 10 Years Now Since I’ve Been Here? The Love Is There."


Carmelo Anthony hasn't lived very good moments in Denver, the city he called home for over seven years. But, the veteran forward is now part of the Portland Trail Blazers, facing the Nuggets in the playoffs. 

Although he's stated he has nothing but love for the city, that feeling isn't reciprocated. He was booed in Game 1 of the first-round series between the Blazers and Nuggets. After Game 2, he was mocked by a series of fans. 

One of those called him 'p*ssy', told him he sucked and more. Unfortunately, that has been the rule this season in the league, but Melo is fine with that. After living those bad moments, he revealed he had nothing but love for fans, the city of Denver and the organization. 

“It’s cool, man. I love them too. I love those guys too. It’s been, what, almost 10 years now since I’ve been here? The love is there. They love me; they hate me. I can’t do nothing about that. Just go out there and smile, enjoy myself and have fun. Whatever they have to say, let them say it. It’s not my concern," he said following Game 1. 

The hostility didn't stop there. In Game 2, somebody took things to the next level and Melo had to stop to try to talk with them but that didn't work. 

Carmelo did a lot for this team and the city. He took them to compete for important things but Nuggets fans still hold grudges after he left Colorado to go play in New York with the Knicks. 

This series is tied 1-1, and now they go to Portland to try to make a difference that leads the matchup in their favor.