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Charles Barkley Claims The NBA "Ain't Got The B*lls" To Suspend LeBron James Over Health And Safety Protocol

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LeBron James has recently been caught violating the COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols. It was revealed that LeBron James was attending an event for his tequila brand. Despite the violation, it seems though LeBron James will not be missing any time, and will be available for the playoff matchup against the Phoenix Suns

NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski revealed that LeBron James will not be suspended for the infraction, and stated that the gathering didn't reach "rise to the threat level of virus spread".

While it is obvious that there were precaution measures at the event, it seems though other players have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the COVID-19 measures. Charles Barkley has recently gone on record and stated that the NBA "ain't got the balls" to suspend LeBron James and also suggested that if it were someone else, they'd not be playing.

“Let me tell you something. Hey, listen, I love (NBA commissioner) Adam Silver, rest in peace, David Stern, best commissioner in sports. The NBA ain’t got the b--- to suspend LeBron James. Zero."

Barkley said he "started laughing" when reading about the situation.

"The NBA ain't got no chance of suspending LeBron James," Barkley continued. "If it was a nobody, they would put him in health and safety protocols. Ain’t no f-----g way LeBron James is going to sit out in health and safety protocols.”

This is a bold claim by Barkley, though one that makes sense given the different treatment LeBron James has obviously gotten from other players as evidenced today. However, that does mean that LeBron James will be playing in the playoffs, something that is good for the league.