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Charles Barkley On Trae Young Comparisons To Stephen Curry: "Y’all Just Both Black That’s The Only Thing Y’all Have In Common."

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When Trae Young was first entering the league, he received a lot of Stephen Curry comparisons. Partly, that was due to Trae Young's ability to hit shots from deeper range, something that was one of his calling cards in Oklahoma. However, Stephen Curry and Trae Young are clearly different players, as there is no one quite like Stephen Curry.

During the halftime of the New York Knicks - Atlanta Hawks Game 1, Charles Barkley commented on those comparisons. There is no doubt that some aspects of their games are similar, but they are still different. 

Charles Barkley's suggestion may be humorous, but it is true that often comparisons between players are inaccurate. Trae Young is a combo guard that just happens to shoot deep threes sometimes, and he has more responsibility to facilitate for his team and be the primary playmaker. Stephen Curry is more willing to pull from way downtown, and his role is primarily scoring with some facilitating, as Draymond Green is the team's de facto ball handler.

It is oftentimes futile to compare a young player to an all-time great. Stephen Curry has cemented his legacy forever, while Trae Young still has a long career ahead of him. It is unfair to expect a young player to reach the heights of Stephen Curry. That isn't to say that Trae Young won't eventually get there: he has shown great signs during his time with the Atlanta Hawks and is already an All-Star. Hopefully, he can keep Atlanta competitive for a while, and maybe even help them gett deep into the playoffs.