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Charles Barkley Roasts James Harden's Pre-Game Outfit: "That's Like The Grinch Or Something."

James Harden

James Harden may be known for his abilities on the basketball court, but the guy also draws a lot of attention for his fashion sense.

Over the years, the Beard has been seen rocking a number of different and attention-grabbing outfits, all to varying degrees of reception by fans.

But on Tuesday night, Harden found himself on the wrong end of a roast session for his pre-game clothes, which featured a rather bizarre ensemble of items.

"Man, what the hell is that? The shoes the best thing about his outfit.... that's like the grinch or something."

It should be noted that Barkley wasn't necessarily a fashion guru in his day, either, and fans did eventually point that out.

Regardless of his understanding of the fashion world, Barkley is just the type of guy who will say exactly what's on his mind, and it has gotten him a fair share of criticism in the past.

Still, as bad as Barkley was ragging on Harden here, he has given him a lot of love in the past, even going so far as to call him one of the best offensive players ever.

"James Harden is the best 1-on-1 player I've ever seen," said Barkley. "He's not as good as Michael or Kobe, but as far as the way he shoots, he can make a three anytime he wants to, he can get to the basket anytime, and he's a great free throw shooter.

The way the game is called today, he's the best one-on-one player I've ever seen."

In the end, Harden is going to wear what he wants, and he doesn't seem to really care what Chuck (or any of the other critics) have to say about it.

The more pressing issue for both him and his team is figuring out how they're going to stay afloat in the absence of Kyrie Irving.