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Charles Barkley Takes A Shot At Ben Simmons: “Anybody Who Thinks That’s A Good Way To Do Business Is An Idiot”

Tracy McGrady Felt Ben Simmons Was Disrespectful Before He Even Entered The NBA: "There Was One Guy That Walked In There And Acted Like He Didn't Know Nobody."

Ben Simmons' situation with the Philadelphia 76ers has been worsening with each passing day over the last couple of weeks. He has made it pretty clear about not returning to Philly with his actions. 

His actions have been quite surprising considering his poor form in the last postseason. Despite being the first seed in the Eastern Conference, the 76ers lost to the Atlanta Hawks in the East Semi-Finals. While the rest of the team played well, Simmons was subpar.

As a result, even his teammate Joel Embiid and coach Doc Rivers had criticized the young star. Now, the drama around his trade request is about to reach its climax as many teams have lined up to acquire the guard.

But the way he has handled the situation is still questionable and even one of his biggest supporters previously, Charles Barkley, has taken a shot at the Philly guard.

"Well, I'm just trying to figure out he's bad at something and he's mad because they want him to work on his craft. They're paying him 40 million dollars a year. This is one of the reasons I said earlier, one of the reasons I'm gonna walk away from this thing pretty soon," Barkley said on First Take. 

"We got a guy making 40 million dollars for the next four years, they asked him on his game because every time they get in the playoffs he was, he went four games in a seven-game series that didn't take a shot in the fourth quarter and he's mad at the team. That's one of the reasons I don't like the situation that we are dealing with today where the players make so much money, they're 100% in control," he said. 

"I mean you think about that. This guy makes 40 million dollars, you're the team get on his a** to work on his game and his thing is I don't wanna play here anymore. And anybody who thinks that's a good way to do business is just an idiot. Period," Barkley concluded.

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As Barkley said, Simmons has some obvious flaws in his game. He is a poor 3-point shooter in today's era, where even the big men of the league are developing that craft. If a player is getting paid as much as Simmons is, he needs to try to make himself valuable for the organization.

What Simmons did is quite opposite and has cut off all connections from the Philadelphia 76ers. With the 2021-22 NBA season right around the corner, he is nowhere to be found in training camp. Although he will get fined for it, it is quite evident that Simmons wants to be traded, no matter the cost.