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Charles Barkley: "You Can Only Win Championships With 2-3 Great Players. No One Else Matters."

Charles Barkley- "You Can Only Win Championships With 2-3 Great Players. No One Else Matters."

What does it take to win an NBA Championship?

Over the pasts few years, we've seen an overwhelming domination by superteams that have included the Heat, Warriors, Cavaliers, and Lakers.

Then there are teams like the Mavericks, Spurs, and Raptors, who have proven that you don't necessarily need a superteam to win in the modern NBA.

Deciding what is enough and who matters is certainly a debatable issue and one that former NBA superstar Charles Barkley recently discussed on TNT.

"You can only win championships with 2-3 great players. No one else matters," said Barkley.

Of course, both Kenny and Shaq chimed in with arguments against that point.

Kenny: "There are many great players, and they balance each other out." 

Shaq: "I was balanced out by Hakeem in the Finals. When Hakeem got doubled, he got the role players to hit the shots."

In a way, all three guys are right.

Obviously, star-power is the biggest influencer in winning a title, and no team is going to win one without at least having one elite-level player. But it (usually) takes more than that.

Assembling a solid supporting cast, and developing that chemistry between them, is also extremely important. No star, no matter how good he is, can do it on his own. 

That's why building a CHampionship=contending roster is so important. Finding the right mix of stars and role-players is the biggest challenge for GMs, and sometimes it's just a matter of getting lucky.