Chris Bosh Disagrees With Argentina’s Head Coach Calling Luka Doncic The Best Player In The World: “We’re Going To Have To Give That Title to Giannis.”

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Chris Bosh disagrees with the notion that Luka Doncic is the best basketball player on earth right now.

The 'Best Player in the World' title has been debated in the NBA this season. With LeBron James dealing with injuries, just like Kevin Durant, other names found a chance to shine this campaign. 

Luka Doncic keeps showing he is a generational talent, having outstanding performances in the NBA and overseas. The guard recently took his national team to the 2021 Olympics, destroying Argentina in the first game of the competition. After dropping 48 points on the South American side, rival head coach Sergio Hernandez called Doncic the 'best player in the world.' 

“The analysis of the game has only one name- Luka Doncic. I believe, and said it two years ago, he’s de best player in the world, even if you include players in the NBA. If I had any doubt, they are absolutely gone now. He’s the best player in the world and it is an honor to play against him and we wanted to beat him, but it was a great experience despite the loss,” said Hernández after the game.

However, Bosh doesn't think the same. The Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat legend knows that Luka is excellent and has a bright future, but for him, the best player in the world is the 2021 NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo (0:30).

"Were going to have to give that title to Giannis. Let's be respectful of the champion and 2x MVP. Luka has a tremendous upside," Bosh said in a recent edition of ESPN's The Jump. 

Giannis just dominated in the 2021 NBA playoff. He took the Milwaukee Bucks to win their first NBA championship since 1971, demolishing rivals in the process. Some say Luka would have done the same with the right help, but we're yet to see that. 

Antetokounmpo defied the odds, surpassed big rivals, and took his team to the promised land after 50 years. 

Still, if Luka can take the Slovenian national team to the gold medal in the Olympics, and if he adds a win against Team USA in the process, he will give Giannis a run for his money.