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Chris Paul Says Devin Booker Is Like An Old Man: "He's The Oldest 24-Year-Old I've Ever Met In My Life... The Biggest Thing, He Knows The Game."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Chris Paul-Phoenix Suns association has been nothing but fantastic. This match was made in heaven, and the results can't be better. They are one game away from playing in the NBA Finals after having a terrific season. 

Although CP3 doesn't want to talk about the Suns being up 3-1, the team is on the verge of eliminating the Los Angeles Clippers to continue making history this season. Even though this is the first playoff run for most of these players, they haven't backed down to any challenge, especially their two young stars Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. 

Following Game 4 of the series, the Point God praised his younger teammates, pointing out that they're young, but their souls are old, making things easier for everybody. 

“We got a ways to go, but everybody always talks about, ‘Oh, it’s a young team, it’s a young team,’” Paul said. “I think back to when I first got in the playoffs, sometimes it’s best like that because you’re just hooping. You ain’t thinking about all this and that, and we got a young team but with some old souls. Especially Book. He's like an old man. He's the oldest 24-year-old I've ever met in my life. ... The biggest thing, he know the game. ... He watch every game, every night just like me."

Booker has become the leader this team needs, especially when CP3 missed the first two games of the series. He has been on a tear this postseason, the first in his career, and is very close to making it to the biggest series of all. 

These Suns have a great coach in Monty Williams, one of the best leaders in Chris Paul and two young stars in Booker and Ayton. Even though people think they've had an easy path, they have all the ingredients to succeed this season.