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Colin Cowherd Says Stephen Curry Changed The Game, Not Michael Jordan And LeBron James

Colin Cowherd Says Stephen Curry Changed The Game, Not Michael Jordan And LeBron James

Over the decades, fans have seen the NBA go through a lot of changes. Be it its rules or the way players will the game of basketball, the sport seems to be constantly developing.

But in its long history, there are probably a handful of players that have truly changed the game of basketball. One such player is Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

Coming into the league, Curry was not deemed to be as successful as he has become by a plethora of NBA experts. However, Curry proved his doubters wrong and is continuing to do so each season.

The biggest impact that Steph has had on the game is with his tremendous ability to shoot the ball from the 3-point line. Over the years, we have become accustomed to Curry making unbelievable shots beyond the 3-point arc and seeing him do so the entire league has tried to adapt his playing style.

Nowadays, regardless of the position, a franchise requires its players to at least be an average 3-point shooter. Is it safe to say that Curry has impacted the game? Yes. But NBA analyst Colin Cowherd took it to another level by saying that Curry has changed the game like no other player. Not the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, or Kareem-Abdul Jabbar.

"Ray Allen, for the longest time, was the guy we thought was the best three-point shooter ever. Steph Curry surpassed him in like half the number of games. Like there's nothing close. Michael could not score this quickly, LeBron can’t score this quickly. Kobe couldn't. Kareem couldn't. I'm watching him last night and very rarely are great players underrated. Michael didn’t change the game, LeBron didn’t change the game."

(Starts at 2:45)

Cowherd's point about Curry changing the sport is true, and there are no two ways to look at it. But that doesn't mean that the other greats like MJ, LeBron, or Kobe didn't change the game.

If it weren't for Jordan, the NBA might have never become a global sport and it opened gateways for the league throughout the entire world. Moreover, all three, Mike, Kobe, and James, have been the faces of the league during their respective primes.

So saying that these players haven't changed or impacted the game is certainly wrong on Cowherd's part.