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Damian Lillard On Philly Fans Recruiting Him To Sixers: "I'm Ten Toes In Rip City."

Damian Lillard

Even amid a horrendous shooting slump (probably the worst of his career), fans are still dreaming about having him on their team.

In Philadelphia, Sixers loyalists broke out into "we want Lillard" chants early in the ball game, making clear from the jump that they want to see him in a 76ers jersey.

After the game, Lillard made sure to show appreciation for the adoring fans.

Unfortunately for them, he also reaffirmed his commitment to the Blazers.

With all the rumors about his alleged unhappiness with the Blazers this summer, the star guard had to come out and speak publicly on the subject ahead of the new season.

"I'll answer that the way I answered it on media day," said Lillard. "... and the same way I've been answering it. Everybody's been saying what they think I'm thinking or what they think I'm gonna do. But I'm not leaving Portland. And to say that seems credible because of how the whole summer went. I was just trying to encourage the team to get better. 'Let's get better, let's really go for it'. And people took that as "Everything they're saying is true."

But it never came from my mouth. I want to be a part of Chauncey's success, you know what I'm saying? I take pride in being part of his success as a coach. We developed a great relationship before he even became a coach, and even deeper than that. We sit, and talk every day. We talk, we text, on the phone, whatever. I want to be a part of his success."

Needless to say, the rumors will not stop. Until Dame and his Blazers go out and win the title, there are always going to be calls for him to move on.

For now, Lillard is going to do all he can with what he has. So far, his team has gotten off to a rough start, but there's plenty of time to turn things around before it's too late.