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Damian Lillard Reportedly Wants To Play With Ben Simmons

Damian Lillard Reportedly Wants To Play With Ben Simmons

It has been an unstable 2021-22 NBA season for the Portland Trail Blazers. The franchise fired Terry Stotts after their first-round exit from the 2021 playoffs and brought in Chauncey Billups in his stead.

A few months into the new season, and the Trail Blazers have sacked GM Neil Olshey after investigations confirmed accusations of workplace misconduct. 

The 2021 offseason was filled with trade rumors surrounding Damian Lillard, but the point guard dismissed all rumors, stating that he wants to win a championship with the Blazers. Unfortunately, the franchise has not done enough to surround the six-time All-Star with the right supporting cast that could catapult them to championship contenders. In the offseason, no significant change was made to the roster as Olshey believed they have the talents that could help them contend.

Dame is willing to give the front office enough time to find a replacement for Olshey, but he is still keen on the franchise making changes to the roster.

According to the Athletic, several league sources have revealed that Lillard has indicated an interest in playing with Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons.

"Multiple sources have told The Athletic that Lillard would like to play with Philadelphia 76ers three-time All-Star Ben Simmons. The Trail Blazers’ league-worst defense would instantly improve, and sharing a backcourt with a non-shooter could work given Lillard’s high-volume usage."

It was also reported that Olshey once proposed a CJ McCollum-Ben Simmons trade with a first-round draft pick and a young player included in the package, but the Sixers refused. They wanted multiple draft picks and multiple draft swaps from the Blazers, but they were unwilling to deal.

Simmons has not featured for the Sixers since the start of the season, stating that he is not mentally ready to play for the franchise. Regardless, it looks like the Blazers might be looking past that and also his inability to shoot.

With Olshey out, perhaps the Blazers can reopen communications with the Sixers and agree.

The Blazers have been grossly underwhelming so far this season with an 11-13 record. Lillard has not helped their cause either, as he has struggled from the field.

Dame is currently out and will miss action for at least the next four days due to an abdominal injury. He is averaging 21.5 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 7.8 assists while shooting a career-low 30.2% from beyond the arc and 39.7% from the field.