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Damian Lillard Says He's The Greatest NBA Rapper Ever

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As a basketball player, Damian Lillard is known for being one of the best point guards in the NBA, and for his elevation in clutch time. Damian Lillard is a man of many talents though and aside from playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, he also creates hip-hop music under the name "Dame D.O.L.L.A". He has most recently dropped an album titled "Different On Levels The Lord Allowed".

There are certainly other NBA players and former players who partake in creating music and more specifically rap, but Damian Lillard believes that he is the greatest rapper that the NBA has seen. In a recent interview with Complex News, Damian Lillard stated with no hesitation that he is the best NBA rapper of all time.

Pierce Simpson: I know you wanted to kind of shed the NBA rapper label, but if you had to for this specific question, do you feel like you're the greatest NBA rapper of all-time?

Damian Lillard: Yes... No hesitation at all. And me and Shaq was cool, a lot of people thought when we was going back and forth, that we didn't like each other. But to me, it's just really what I think. I think people always say that, "Oh, Shaq got platinum albums or whatever he got"... But Shaq is like a mega star. He is damn near icon level.

At that time, that's the way it was gonna go. Now, its different. Everybody rap now. It's a different game now. I don't look at it like "Oh he did this". Obviously, I would like to do the same thing but when you talk about if people gonna listen to all my songs and listen to all his songs they're gonna be like "Dame is the best rapper to ever play".

Damian Lillard refers to Shaquille O'Neal in this interview, who has released multiple rap albums himself, and his debut album "Shaq Diesel" was certified as platinum. The two have released diss tracks aimed at each other before, but it seems that there was no real beef between the two. Damian Lillard is certainly confident in his rapping abilities, and while we can't definitively say he's the best NBA rapper ever, he's clearly skilled at making music.