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De'Aaron Fox Got Drug Tested By The NBA After He Posted A Photo Of Him Looking Jacked On Instagram

fox ripped

Over the offseason, there are a lot of athletes who engage in weight training in order to gain muscle and add a few pounds to their frame. Obviously gaining muscle mass is normal when lifting, but sometimes the changes can look drastic. As a result of that, there are players who get drug tested, to make sure that they are not taking any substances to help them get jacked.

That situation has recently happened to De'Aaron Fox, who posted a photo of himself looking jacked while holding two 100 pound dumbbells in both arms. There is no question that he looks more muscular in the photo than he does in prior photos of himself.

The NBA took notice of that photo, and De'Aaron Fox quickly got a message from a doping control officer, who stated that he was chosen for an offseason drug test. It is likely though that Fox has nothing to hide though, and he'll probably easily pass this routine check by the NBA.

It can certainly be entertaining when that happens to players after they post photos of themselves looking jacked, especially if the player ends up being innocent. Lakers guard Alex Caruso once faced this situation after his workout photos went viral, and the same happened to Orlando Magic guard Michael Carter-Williams. Doping is certainly not an approved practice though, and it makes sense for the NBA to be safe, and make sure that none of its players are doing it.

De'Aaron Fox getting stronger could mean good news for the Sacramento Kings, and perhaps his newfound strength will help him improve his play even further. The Kings will be hoping that the speedy point guard can lead them to the playoffs and break their postseason drought next season, and perhaps he'll be able to do so.