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Michael Carter-Williams Hilariously Gets Drug Tested After Instagram Photo Where He Looks Jacked

michael carter Williams

Michael Carter-Williams is widely known for earning the Rookie of the Year award with the Philadelphia 76ers during the process era. While Carter-Williams didn't become the star that people thought he would after his rookie season, there is no doubt that he had a long and successful career overall.

More recently, Carter-Williams went viral for a hilarious circumstance. Michael Carter-Williams has recently posted an Instagram photo that showed off his physique. Carter-Williams looked more muscular than usual in the photo, which led Orlando Magic teammate Mo Bamba to hilariously proclaim that he would get everyone drug tested on the team. The hilarious part is that Carter-Williams did indeed get drug tested, and he joked that he only looked more muscular because of the photo, rather than it being a reality.

A lot of players are subjected to drug tests by the NBA, and the majority generally turn out fine. It seems as though the league just wanted to make sure that Michael Carter-Williams wasn't taking any prohibited substances, and based on Carter-Williams' hilarious Instagram story, it looks as if they won't find anything out of the ordinary.