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DeAndre Jordan Is Happy For Not Playing Against Russell Westbrook Anymore: "Russ Coming Downhill Angrily Aggressive Every Time... Was Tough."

brodie jordan

After several years of battling it out on the court, DeAndre Jordan and Russell Westbrook are teaming up in Los Angeles, trying to help the Lakers win their 18th NBA championship. 

These two veterans have several things in common, although they played different positions. They are dangerous players at the rim and starred in many duels over the past couple of years. 

Even though Jordan isn't the player he was during his run with the Los Angeles Clippers, the big man is ready to help the Lakers however he can. Moreover, he's happy that he doesn't have to challenge Westbrook at the rim. Instead, he'll see Brodie throwing the ball down against other defenders. 

Talking about watching Russ dunk on other people instead of him, Jordan expressed his excitement to see other players punished when the point guard drives to the basket. 

“Russ coming downhill angrily aggressive every time … was tough. Now I can see what it’s like to be a teammate with this guy. Now I don’t have to contest him at the rim.”

It's unclear if Jordan will dunk the ball again, which didn't happen last season with the Brooklyn Nets. Some say he'll have a minimum role with the Lakers this campaign, but things can change during the season. 

The purple and gold assembled a very competitive team this offseason. They're full of talent and experience, which makes fans dream about their chances entering the season.