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DeAndre Jordan Was Reportedly Unhappy To Be 'Jarrett Allen's Backup'

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DeAndre Jordan's tenure with the Brooklyn Nets wasn't as smooth as expected. The veteran center landed in Brooklyn in 2019, joining forces with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in the first and less talented version of the team's Big 3. 

His second season in Barclays Center was complex, which led to the team releasing him a couple of days ago. The issues between Jordan and the squad weren't new, as the player reportedly wasn't happy with his playing time. 

According to Anthony Puccio, the former Los Angeles Clippers star didn't like being Jarrett Allen's backup, a situation that had ramifications in the team's future. 

“The biggest elephant in the room: Jordan allegedly told those around him that he didn’t come to Brooklyn to be Jarrett Allen’s backup,” wrote Puccio. “[Kenny] Atkinson would not bow down to Jordan, thus providing one of the first dominoes in his firing. As soon as Atkinson was ousted, DJ was back in the starting lineup."

Jordan even told the coaching staff he wanted to start over Jarrett Allen. They never made the change, leading to Kenny Atkinson's departure from the Nets. 

Per Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report (via Redditor "nonbiasednbafan"), Jordan tried to become a starter again, although his request didn't get much attention.

DeAndre Jordan went to Kenny Atkinson, Jacque Vaughn and Steve Nash (before the Harden trade) and demanded to start over Jarrett Allen. Brooklyn supposedly never expressed interest in signing the 1x All-Star, but felt like they had to. 

Now he's part of the Los Angeles Lakers, trying to help the purple and gold compete for important things next season. After an uncomfortable split with the Nets, DJ is ready to start a new chapter in his career. Several people doubt he will have a big role on the team, but things will be fine for Jordan as long as they compete.