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DeMar DeRozan Explains Why He Doesn't Shoot Threes: "I'm Pretty Sure I'll Hit A Spurt To Where It's Like 'Well, Y'all Keep Saying I Can't Shoot Threes Lemme Start Shooting Threes Again"

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Even though he's one of the most gifted scorers in the league, DeMar DeRozan has defied the modern game by just refusing to take three-pointers. Honestly, he might as well be the only starter at his position who's supposed to carry the offensive load of a team and doesn't rely on the three-point shot at the slightest.

Throughout the course of his career, DeRozan has drawn a lot of criticism for refusing to take three-point shots. It's not only that he's not much of a good shooter but that he doesn't even dare to take them despite being wide-open in the perimeter.

And, according to him, most of that happens because he just doesn't want to shoot three-pointers. In fact, he recently admitted that during his best scoring season in the league, he was purposedly not taking threes just to prove everybody wrong:

"I'm pretty sure I'll hit a spurt to where it's like 'well, y'all keep saying I can't shoot threes lemme start shooting threes again," DeRozan said on JJ Redick's podcast.

That's not the first time that DeRozan addresses this situation, as he said in 2019 that he doesn't care about missing threes and that he's going to take them if he's open:

"I just don’t shoot ‘em. It’s not a matter of I can’t shoot ‘em, just never shoot them. But whenever I get the opportunity, I am going to shoot them. I don’t mind missing, I don’t mind whatever. It’s just a matter of me shooting ‘em," DeRozan said a year ago.

The truth is that DeRozan is an outstanding player but it seems like he'll never reach an elite level precisely because of this stubbornness. Most players spend hours working on their flaws rather than just deciding not to do what people think they have to do.

Thus far, DeRozan averages 0.4 triples on 1.5 attempts per game per his career. He's only averaged over 2.0 attempts twice in his career, and only averaged 1.1 three-pointers made per game once. To put it in context, he's knocked down 341 three-pointers in his career, while James Harden knocked down 378 in 2019.