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Dennis Rodman Goes Viral After Befriending Mother Of NBA Fan And Giving Her A T-Shirt

Dennis Rodman

5x NBA Champion Dennis Rodman was all over social media during the NBA's Top 75 ceremony last month.

Weeks later, he is going viral again -- this time for befriending the mother of a random NBA basketball fan.

Apparently, the woman approached Rodman and his sleeping dog in a restaurant on vacation, to which Rodman posed for a picture and handed her a shirt.

(via NBA Buzz)

A mother of an NBA fan befriended Dennis Rodman & his sleeping dog at dinner, & Rodman gave her a tee shirt.

The woman sent a text to her son, saying: “My new friend at dinner tonight. Next table over! He gave me a shirt.”

Only Dennis Rodman

Here's the original post, with some additional details by the son:

Rodman was never the best player in Detroit or Chicago, but what he did on the court cannot be taken lightly. As, arguably, the greatest rebounder of All-Time, "the Worm" was crucial to the success of all of his teams. In 14 years, he was a 7x Rebounding leader, 2x All-Star, 2x All-NBA player, 2x Defensive Player of the Year, and 5x Champion.

While Rodman is often acknowledged for his basketball activities, he might be more famous for his eccentric and vibrant personality.

“I’ll give him this: He was funny," said Shaquille O'Neal, describing Rodman back in the day. "Like, he never took a shower after the game. After a hard game playing forty minutes, he’d just put his stuff on and walk right out. Next thing I know, I’d see him at some club that night with about thirty girls on him—those crazy, techno, ecstasy highlight parties. I once walked into one of those parties. Leonardo DiCaprio’s there. Robert Downey, Jr., he’s there. All these cats making weird faces. It’s dark as hell. People are drinking. D. Rod popping Cristalle champagne, showing off. A lot of stars. A lot of girls, some of them taking their tops off. I just got out of there. Quick.”

Besides his crazy parties, uncensored comments, and his desire to always stand out from the crowd, Rodman often makes unlikely friends.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is one of them, but so is the vacationing mother who now has a cool new t-shirt.

Never change, Dennis Rodman.