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"Dennis Rodman Taking A Vacation In Las Vegas With Carmen Electra Has To Be The Best Load Management In Sports History," NBA Fan Praise Rodman's Epic Moment

"Dennis Rodman Taking A Vacation In Las Vegas With Carmen Electra Has To Be The Best Load Management In Sports History", NBA Fan Praise Rodman's Epic Moment

Dennis Rodman lived a lot of crazy stories during his NBA career, earning a big reputation for being the biggest personification of the 'Bad Boy' mentality. He was wild on and off the court, which sometimes got him in trouble with his teams, teammates, and even the NBA. 

As we all know now, one of the wildest stories about Dennis happened in the 1997/98 season, when he wanted to go on vacation mid-season, which obviously raised some eyebrows in the Chicago Bulls locker room. 

We learned about this in 2020, when the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan's documentary 'The Last Dance' premiered, giving fans a deeper insight into what happened during the Bulls' dynasty. 

Michael Jordan explained that Rodman wanted to take a break in the middle of the season and went to Las Vegas, even when MJ didn't agree with the idea. He went there with his ex-wife Carmen Electra and instead of taking 48 hours off, Rodman was ready to make it a whole week or even a month. MJ had to go there and get him out of the bed to return to Chicago, where they'd win the championship a couple of months later.

NBA fans recently remembered this moment while celebrating Dennis' birthday, and some of them had interesting reactions to his moment during one of the most intense seasons in Bulls' history:

And they cut off the part where he goes to Vegas and gets crazy for 48 hours, comes back, and plays a stellar game.

Dennis Rodman taking a vacation in Las Vegas with Carmen Electra has to be the best load management in sports history.😄 #TheLastDance

This was litetally my favorite part of the series lol. Dennis was so different that he still came back getting double digit rebounds

Dennis vegas Jordan golf they all had their bad habits but thats why i loved them and hate them either way they still deliver chips. I love reggie Miller and Indiana but man you have to admire true greatness. Dennis for me is true GOAT if it comes to defence he could guard shaq magic Jordan pipen and he just mastered rebounds like no one else. Jordan is just a god allmighty but Dennis was true artist

Dude even took off to compete in a wrestling event during the playoffs didnt he?

Think of how valuable he must have been for Jordan to get on a flight to Vegas to bring his butt back. Love this. 😂😂😂😂😂

These guys were so good that they could do stuff like this and still win.

Chicago bulls of the 90s

The way each of them giggle at this tells you it’s 100% true, ha ha ha 😂. Classic Rodman

This part of the interview shows Dennis Rodman was more of the main key player to the 5. Jordan felt naked doing the series with that one key part just remember Jordan did not do it alone

Classic. 🤣😭My second favorite player of all time behind Jordan.

Meanwhile, you have NBA players taking vacations for nothing. Little injuries they don’t want to play and they make way more money than those old players.

Dennis is dennis. He do what dennis do..... and he got 5 rings......

Dennis takes a vacation, missed a few games, but still won the chip. How bout Leflop? Lol

And after those 48 hours, the Worm massacred the boards as if he’d trained like a madman. He really ‘needed’ that vacation man

Chicago Bulls during MJ's era was like one big happy family. MJ was the big brother of the team. In this story, MJ and Phil Jackson allowed Rodman to have a vacation in Vegas. If I'm not mistaken this was the time when he was suspended for kicking a photographer. This video refutes the notion that MJ and Pippen doesn't speak with Rodman off the court.

Never will see another D-Rod…an all time great who left it all on the court!

There's no doubt that Rodman made an impact wherever he went and that season was more visible than ever. When Scottie Pippen was sidelined, Dennis took over and helped Michael Jordan, while he also left a big mark with his off-court antics that earned him some crazy looks and criticism.