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Dennis Rodman When Asked How Many Times He Was In Jail: "Over 100"


Dennis Rodman isn’t only the best rebounder in NBA history but also the most eccentric star the league has seen in 75 years. When he wasn’t on the court rebounding, defending, and hustling for his team, he was at the club, enjoying the night, dancing and drinking.

There was a time where he was the one hosting the parties, at his house, which cost him a lot of ‘trips’ to jail. Back in 2019, he joined Kevin Hart’s Youtube show ‘Cold as Balls’ to discuss some aspects and stories of his life, including how many times he’s been in prison. The answer? Probably not what you thought, although Rodman’s reputation was something else.

“I'd say over 100. I was having too many parties in my house and after seven days straight, it was seven days a week. Seven days a week, 24/7,” the 5x NBA champion said while Hart couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 

As we saw on the Chicago Bulls’ docu-series ‘The Last Dance’, Rodman used parties as a way to distract from all the pressure he lived in his life. Once he went to Las Vegas mid-season and Michael Jordan had to go there and take him back to Chicago to continue the Bulls’ campaign.

He was a man of the night, both for basketball games and partying and that made him a frequent visitor of prisons during his peak. Rodman was a total character and it doesn’t matter how many stories we hear about him, we’ll always be shocked by the things he did.