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Derrick Rose Sends A Message To Trae Young: "You Want To Talk S--t, Talk S--t. It’s Alright. But Next Game, It’s Going To Be Tougher."

drose young

Trae Young's comments on the New York Knicks' fans didn't sit well with many people. As a result, the Atlanta Hawks star was under fire during and after Game 1 of their first-round playoffs series last Sunday. 

He called game with less than one second left on the clock and went off on the Knicks fan, saying they can only talk, not guard him. Well, a lot of people didn't like that, including NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio. He sent a message to Young and his drawing-foul techniques.

Moreover, Derrick Rose replied to those comments, sending a big message to Trae ahead of Game 2.

The veteran guard admitted that this happens in the NBA but the league has gotten soft in recent years. Young was received with 'F you' chants and that sparked something inside him. 

Via The Athletic:

"The crowd is supposed to do that. His reaction is supposed to be that way and he's supposed to amp up and bring the atmosphere of the environment to where it is right now. That's what I'm used to," Rose said.

"The league got so soft but that's basketball. (Young) came in, he played a great game," he said.

Rose warned Trae about Game 2 and what he should expect from New York fans. The hostility will be even bigger at Madison Square Garden, and Young should buckle up to receive more negative chants. 

"Now it's a little different ... If you want to talk shit, talk shit. It's alright," he said. "But the next game the environment is going to be tougher and that environment is going to be a great atmosphere for some great basketball."

Wednesday night will see Game 2 of these series. The Knicks have work to do if they want to go to Atlanta in a comfortable position. Otherwise, the situation will get a lot harder for them. Trae is a menace, and they can't allow him to do whatever he wants on the court.