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Devin Booker On The Olympics: "I Don’t Think There’s Anything Better Than Winning A Gold Medal."

Devin Booker On The Olympics- "It’s The Most Prestigious Event That Basketball Can Find."

Even as he competes for the NBA Championship, Devin Booker is looking ahead to another prize: the Gold Medal.

While the Finals remain Booker's first priority, he spoke highly about the upcoming Olympics and described how much the opportunity to play in it means to him.

(via Dave McMenamin of ESPN)

“Very important. Life goal of mine,” Booker said. “I’ve always said, I think it’s the most prestigious event that basketball can find. So to be a part of representing your country I think brings you to a whole another stratosphere. Just thinking of the guys that have come before us and represented our country, and I don’t think there’s anything better than winning a gold medal.”

At just 24-years-old, Booker has accomplished great success in the NBA. He's a 2x All-Star, a 23-point-per-game scorer, and is on his way to becoming a league Champion.

To represent the U.S. and win Gold would be more than the icing on the cake of an already spectacular year for the young star, and he's clearly looking forward to it.

Amazingly, this is all just the beginning for Book, who is set to torch the NBA, and the world stage, for years to come.