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Donald Trump: 'Michael Jordan Is The GOAT, Not LeBron James'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It's not a secret that President Donald Trump is far from a fan favorite around the NBA. The players and the community have constantly made a stand against him and there's even a 'Black Lives Matter' motto in the hardwood in the Orlando bubble.

The NBA has also asked people to wear a mask and enforced a health policy in which the players are demanded to wear it as well, and its players - especially LeBron James - have constantly taken shots at Trump.

That's why it isn't a surprise to see the POTUS take yet another blow at The King, this time going on record with Clay Travis to claim Michael Jordan was a better player and a more likable person:

“Michael Jordan. Plus, he wasn’t political so people like him better," Trump told Clay Travis.

Let's not forget the fact that LeBron went as far as to call Trump a 'bum' when Stephen Curry refused to attend the White House after winning the NBA Championship, while also constantly lauding former President Barack Obama.

Since he entered the league in 2003, LeBron James is known for his philanthropic work and for being one of the biggest, most outspoken leaders of the African American community. Jordan, on the other hand, was often criticized during his playing days for not taking a stand and supporting African Americans, claiming 'Republicans buy sneakers too'.

Ironically, Barack Obama awarded Jordan the Medal of Freedom and MJ recently announced that he was going to donate $100 million to the Black Lives Matter movement to empower African American people, so perhaps he's not that fond of President Trump either.

We're living in polarizing times right now and, unlike other major sports leagues, the NBA hasn't shied away from the issues that are affecting the world and nor have its players.