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Donovan Mitchell Says He’s Not Worried About Cleveland's Cold Weather: "To Be Honest, I Think I Dress Better In The Cold."

Donovan Mitchell Says He’s Not Worried About Cleveland's Cold Weather: "To Be Honest, I Think I Dress Better In The Cold."

The Cleveland Cavaliers have excited their fans and indeed a lot of other enthusiasts who love the game by moving for Donovan Mitchell. The trade sent shockwaves through the league. Most had considered a move to the New York Knicks a foregone conclusion. However, it's the Cavaliers that swooped in and secured Mitchell, adding another piece to a roster of young All-Star level talents. 

Mitchell, who has spent all of his career in Utah, has now joined another team in a small market. Considering that New York was a potential destination, it's likely that moving to Cleveland doesn't seem as exciting. However, in basketball terms, it's an excellent move for Mitchell. With some good bigs and a fellow exciting guard like Darius Garland, Mitchell has every opportunity to flourish professionally. 

However, some always make a slightly larger deal out of where players are staying than others. And one inquisitive reporter wanted to know Mitchell's thoughts on moving to another cold and slightly small city following his time in Salt Lake City. Mitchell, who comes off as very relaxed, had a pretty simple and wholesome answer.  

Donovan Mitchell Doesn't Care About The Cold In Cleveland

Mitchell has just turned 26 and will be entering the prime of his career soon. So it's unlikely that he cares much about things off the court at this time, especially the weather and stuff. So when a reporter asked him about moving to another small-market team, Mitchell had a straightforward and lovely answer for him. 

"I love the cold, to be honest. I think I dress better in the cold. It's not about market size, for me. It's about winning basketball."

Some players care a lot about what city they stay in, and where they're seen, but that is a difficult way to build a career. Ultimately, for those that aren't at the same level as the very best in the game, winning means compromising on something or the other. And considering how ideal Cleveland is in a basketball sense for Mitchell, it stands to reason that he wouldn't be too worried about the city itself. 

Mitchell's answer also reveals his maturity, instead of getting irritated with the constant questions about market size, he had a funny quip about liking the cold weather. This might prove helpful, as he will have to end up becoming a leader in the locker room for the Cavaliers. Donovan looks like he's going to have some fun in Cleveland for sure.