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Draymond Green Comments On Winning: "I’ll Be 100% Honest With You. Fighting For A Play-In Spot Does Not Motivate Me. Fighting For A Playoff Spot Doesn’t Motivate Me At All… I Want To Win Every Time I Step On The Floor. So That’s What Motivates Me."

(via Heat Nation)

(via Heat Nation)

Draymond Green is a former DPOY and a 3-time champion, which means that he has won at the highest level. Draymond Green is a competitor who doesn't back down from his opposition: his grit and his defense were a key part of the Warriors' dynasty with Stephen Curry being successful.

The Warriors haven't looked like a dominant team the last few years, in large part due to injury to key players such as Klay Thompson. This is somewhat different territory for the Warriors, as they have had a stranglehold on the league for so long. Recently, Draymond Green has made some comments about winning and claimed that the playoffs don't motivate him: it is trying to win every time that does.

Draymond Green is a true competitor who wants to win absolutely every game. It is only natural that someone who got used to winning wants to keep doing so. While the Warriors haven't been amazing this season, there is still some time left before the end of the season. When Stephen Curry is on your team, you're never truly out of the race. The Warriors will be solid next year when Klay Thompson comes back, but they need to focus on this season. Hopefully, Draymond Green can get them on the right track once again.