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Draymond Green Fires Back At Karl-Anthony Towns For Calling Russell Westbrook A Stat-Padder: "I Once Watched From The Bench Due To Us Beating The TWolves A** And He Was In The Game Down 20 With 2 Mins To Go."

Draymond Green

In Los Angeles, Russell Westbrook has been receiving a lot of heat amid the Lakers' recent struggles.

With the team suffering brutal defeats, and Russ leaving much to be desired on both ends of the floor, many NBA fans have called him out for his often out-of-control style of play.

Some have even accused the star guard of stat padding, claiming that his pursuit of triple-doubles is hindering L.A.'s ability to win.

In a video that has since gone viral online, even Karl-Anthony Towns admitted that Westbrook chases the numbers.

“He definitely gets stats. He chases stats. I think he’s a helluva player though. You know how hard it is to get a triple-double… and he plays hella hard. I just think that sometimes he plays too quick. He tries to do too much. Trust your teammates, move around a little bit. He’s a helluva player bro,” The Timberwolves center said.

KAT's comments on Westbrook weren't all bad, but it doesn't mean they went unchallenged.

In response to the video, Warriors veteran Draymond Green chimed in with a jab towards the Timberwolves big man.

“I once watched from the bench due to us beating the Twolves a** and he was in the game down 20 with 2 mins to go. Come on man. Stop talking to people about the "bros" and yelling this is a "brotherhood."”

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It's no secret that NBA players look out for each other when it comes to the media and fans. As a tight-knit group of the world's best ballers, these players have more to gain when they protect each other, which is why it's less common for stars to trash talk other stars off the court.

Apparently, Draymond is a little upset that Towns broke that rule.

Whatever the case, this whole situation has made for an interesting story and we can't wait to see where it goes next.