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Draymond Green Just Blatantly Tampered By Trying To Recruit Devin Booker On Live Television

(via Twitter/@WorldWideWob)

(via Twitter/@WorldWideWob)

It's going to be pretty tough for the NBA to enforce their tampering rules with the way every team is forced into the Orlando quarantine bubble. But even they may have trouble ignoring Draymond Green's comments on TNT's "Inside The NBA" today.

When talking about Devin Booker, Green took a few seconds to rant about how he needs to get out of there and go to a place where he can win.

So, since Draymond is currently signed with the Warriors, this is technically a breach of the NBA's tampering rules. He's not supposed to talk about other players like that while they are under contract. Technically speaking, Draymond didn't outright say he should join the Warriors, but he did say Book needs to get out of Phoenix to a team that could win. You can connect the dots -- and a lot of other people did, too...

The NBA might give Draymond a break here considering the circumstances, but there's a decent chance he'll have to pay some kind of fine.

It'll take a while for him to get used to the whole "being on tv" thing.