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Draymond Green Says That Young Players Today Are "Soft As Hell" For Attempting To Be His Friends On The Court

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Draymond Green is known as a fiery competitor on the court, trying to gain any advantage against opponents. Green contributes to winning with his basketball IQ and his defense, even if his contributions don't show in the stat sheet. Draymond Green doesn't back down from anyone.

Draymond Green's competitiveness is a huge part of his game. Once he steps on the court, anyone who isn't his teammate is an enemy. However, some young players don't follow that mentality. Recently, Draymond Green has called young players "soft as hell" on Kevin Durant's The ETCs podcast. He mentioned that they try to be friendly with him on the court, rather than fostering an extremely competitive environment and talking back to him when trash-talked.

Draymond Green came from a different era to the young players today, and it is clear that there are some differences in philosophy between the two times. While it is obviously good to be respectful on the court, sometimes it is nice for fans to see players go at one another, pushing each other's to perform better. Draymond Green is an enforcer for his team: he fights for his teammates and is the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors. While this era of the NBA is fun to watch, Draymond Green thinks it could use some competitiveness.