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Drunk Courtside Fan Causes Awkward Delay After Puking During Game

Drunk Courtside Fan Causes Awkward Delay After Puking During Game

Going to an NBA game isn't just a show -- it's an experience.

Fans get to watch the amazing game of basketball while mingling with each other, eating delicious food, and even ordering some drinks.

Unfortunately, as great as those amenities are, they can lead to some rather regrettable situations.

During Saturday night's Jazz/Kings game, one courtside fan ended up causing a huge scene after puking near the Utah Jazz bench.

Here's an actual clip of the event, with a fair warning that it's pretty gross...

It's certainly a rare occurrence, but weird things like that do happen from time to time -- sometimes, they even involve the players.

Back in October, for example, Bradley Beal was caught playing a quick game of rock paper scissors with a fan in the stands.

In a recent game, the Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards locked horns, and the Rockets came out on top. While the Wizards ended up on the losing side, their superstar Bradley Beal gave fans a memorable moment during the game.

We are not talking about his performance on the court. Instead, Beal was enjoying a game of rock, paper, and scissors with a fan from the stands. Being the visiting team in the game, Beal was most probably urging the fans to support the team, but a little entertainment never hurts, right?

Fortunately for the poor Kings fan (who was immediately escorted out of the building), his team didn't give him much to cheer about anyway, so he didn't miss all too much. Sacramento lost the game by double-digits, marking their third straight loss and their seventh in the last eight games.

 Meanwhile, head coach Luke Walton continues to rest on the hot seat, with his job growing more in jeopardy with each new loss.

So, while Saturday's little courtside incident was definitely a rough situation, the Kings have much more pressing matters to worry about at the moment.