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Eastern Conference Exec On DeAndre Jordan Joining The Lakers: “I Hope The Nets Buy Him Out So He Can Join The Lakers’ AARP Squad. Better Yet, The LAARP. I’ve Never Seen A Roster Like This.”

Deandre Jordan

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to almost every single veteran around the league over the past couple of months.

The team is reportedly eyeing DeAndre Jordan if he agrees to a contract buyout with the Brooklyn Nets, as he's not expected to get many minutes going forward.

Jordan isn't the same dominant rim protector he once was but his presence would give the Lakers more depth at center, perhaps the thinnest spot on their rotation.

Needless to say, adding another aging player would only cast more doubts regarding the Lakers' ability to endure a full season without injuries, up to the point where even league executives are making jokes about the team's age:

"DeAndre Jordan’s been linked there. I was texting with an Eastern Conference executive about it. The executive texted me, “I hope the Nets buy him out so he can join the Lakers’ AARP squad. Better yet, the LAARP. I’ve never seen a roster like this," reported HoopsHype.

Yeah, the Lakers are one of the oldest teams that come to mind in recent times, and the most curious thing about it is that Rob Pelinka deliberately put them together, it's not like they all aged playing on the same team.

Multiple people question the Lakers' chances of winning a championship with such an old roster, and joke by saying that they could've gone 82-0 in 2014.

While most of their players are far beyond their prime and aren't expected to have a big role this season, their experience will definitely come in handy in the playoffs.

Nonetheless, it's not a secret that Father Time is undefeated and not even the greatest players on Earth have been able to escape his hand.

Staying healthy needs to be the Lakers' primary focus in this upcoming campaign and it'll definitely be a challenge with that many players 35 and over.