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Evan Fournier Sends A Message To Celtics Fans: 'Hi Celtics Fans, If You're Not Familiar With Me, Please Google My Last Name. You're Welcome.'


After the Orlando Magic traded Nikola Vucevic to the Chicago Bulls, it didn't take long before Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier were also shipped away. The first landed in Denver with the Nuggets, while the ladder is now a proud member of the Boston Celtics.

If you've been following the NBA for the next 5 years or so, chances are that you're familiar with Fournier's game. He's a combo guard that can play on and off the ball, score from all three levels, and create for others. But if you're more of a casual fan and want to see what he can bring to the table, then we heavily encourage you to look out for his highlights on YouTube and not on Google. I seriously mean that. Fournier, however, doesn't feel that way, as he wanted to play a bit of a prank on those who don't know who he is, according to his recent activity on Twitter:

"Hi @celtics fans, If you're not familiar with me, please Google my last name. You're welcome," Fournier tweeted.

Well, let me tell you that I - and many other NBA fans - have already made this mistake. Do not - I can't stress this enough - DO NOT look for Fournier's last name on Google images unless you're looking to have a bad time.

The first thing that'll pop up is completely unrelated to basketball and is just not the kind of thing you want going through your head all day long. So yeah, look for his highlights, look for his full name, look for him on Twitter; but just don't listen to his advice. Ever.