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Fans Are Angry After Warriors Writer Says Otto Porter Jr Will Give Them The Best Trio Of Shooters Ever

Fans Are Angry After Warriors Writer Says Otto Porter Jr Will Give Them The Best Trio Of Shooters Ever

It's been a while since the Golden State Warriors made the playoffs, let alone make a run at the NBA Finals.

And, even though you could argue that they've gone through a tough patch with Klay Thompson missing a couple of years with injury and Stephen Curry also struggling to stay healthy, there's another guy they've clearly missed all along: Kevin Durant.

Durant is one of the greatest scorers of all time and losing him was a big blow for them. But, according to NBC Sports' Monte Poole, they could now have an even better weapon: Otto Porter Jr.

Poole recently said that, should Porter be healthy, the Warriors would have the deadliest trio of three-point shooters in franchise history:

"If Porter, 28, is healthy, the Warriors will have the most dangerous trio of deep shooters they have had at any time in franchise history. And, no, we did not forget four-time scoring champ Kevin Durant.

Only 10 active players with more than 200 games of NBA experience have made a higher percentage of 3-point shots than Porter’s 40.2, and two of them are Stephen Curry (43.3) and Klay Thompson (41.9). Statistically, Porter is the best 3-point shooter to play alongside Curry and Thompson. (Durant shoots 38.4 percent for his career)," reported Poole.

Not to be disrespectful to Otto Porter Jr, who is indeed an outstanding three-point shooter at 40.2% per his career. But, C'mon, he's by no means a better shooter than Kevin Durant.

Durant is one of the few members of the 50/40/90 club and is a volume scorer, as opposed to Porter Jr's role as a complimentary shooter.

Needless to say, the fans didn't seem to care about Poole's take and fired back at this report on social media.

Hopefully, Porter Jr will help the Warriors become a playoff threat again like they were in the past. But hey, there are levels to everything, and he's no Kevin Durant.

At least, Durant knows that the fanbase has his back even after the way things ended for him in the Bay area.