Fans Can't Believe How Much Money An NBA Floor Sweeper Makes A Year

floor sweeper

NBA fans discovered how much money a floor cleaner makes per year and flooded social media asking for a chance to be part of the league. We see these people doing a slight appearance every single game, sweeping the floor, trying to protect players from slipping and falling. 

Many people believe this is an easy task and apparently an underpaid one, but it's the complete opposite. When somebody found out they can make a minimum $80K per year, the entire community went crazy. 

Some said they picked the wrong field, others complained about that number, but everybody had something to say about this incredible fact. 

$80K per year is certainly a lot. It would be interesting to know the details behind this job and what qualities they look for when hiring a floor sweeper. Not only do you get to see the best athletes in the world very closely, but you get paid a lot in doing so. Dream job! 

**Credit for idea: Total Pro Sports**