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Fans React To Wild Ending In Dallas Mavericks Win Over Brooklyn Nets: "This Is A Spiritual Experience"

Fans React To Wild Ending In Dallas Mavericks Win Over Brooklyn Nets: "This Is A Spiritual Experience"

Dallas Mavericks vs Brooklyn Nets was one of the marquee matchups on air tonight and it was an encounter that lived up to the hype as the Mavericks won after a buzzer-beating three from Spencer Dinwiddie erased an incredible three-pointer Kevin Durant had hit to give the Nets a one-point lead with 10 seconds to go.

The star of the night was Luka Doncic who had 37 points with 9 assists and 9 rebounds. Mavericks' team defense was their main key to success, holding KD to under 20 points prior to his wonder-three with 10 seconds on the clock. The Nets entered the fourth quarter with a double-digit lead, but the Mavericks overcame yet another double-digit deficit in the fourth to win.

Fans from both franchises and across the association were keeping an eye on the game and everyone was locked into that incredible final minute of the game.

The ending of this game was quite breathtaking with the back-to-back baskets from both teams. Clutch basketball is good basketball, and both teams pushed it down the stretch. However, this game goes to amplify the issues that the Nets have with Kyrie Irving as a part-time player and with Ben Simmons injured.

The Mavs defense stifled the Nets ball movement and made it tough for Durant to have a big offensive night, throwing constant double teams at the lethal scorer. Durant wasn't happy about it and even jokingly called out Jason Kidd in his post-game interview for not letting Dorian Finney-Smith guard him one-on-one.

Dallas' fourth-quarter play saw the entire team contribute, as Luka scored just 4 points. Jalen Brunson, Spencer Dinwiddie, and others have already found chemistry with each other despite playing only one month together. Mavs fans have something to look forward to these playoffs, while Nets fans will continue hoping for Simmons and Irving to become available.