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Former Bulls Center Bill Wennington Comments On Scottie Pippen-Michael Jordan Drama: "I Didn't See It Back Then... He Did A Great Job Of Hiding It..."

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Scottie Pippen Skipped A Bulls Practice Because Of His Dead Cat: "Such Nonsense Irritated Michael Jordan."

The Chicago Bulls had an extremely successful dynasty during the 1990s, powered by star duo Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. They won 6 championships together, and there's no doubt that the on-court partnership was a success.

Despite their achievements on the court, Scottie Pippen has blasted Michael Jordan multiple times over the last few weeks. For example, Pippen claimed that he was a better teammate than Jordan, and even stated that Jordan was selfish. Some have speculated that all the comments were designed to promote and sell copies of his book, Unguarded.

Former Bulls center Bill Wennington has recently weighed in on the controversy between Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Wennington claimed that he "didn't see" the way Scottie Pippen felt back then and claimed that "everyone was getting along" during his time on the Chicago Bulls for the second three-peat.

It’s tough, I didn’t see it back then and I don’t know if I had rose-colored blinders on but I didn’t see it. Everyone was getting along; everyone was hanging out together and doing things. I don't know if something has happened with Scottie, I respect his opinion.

I think he has been one of my favorite Bulls teammates... If he really felt that way, he did a great job at hiding it because it didn’t affect us when we were playing. We all got along really well at the time.

There's no doubt that no one knew about Scottie Pippen's hidden animosity for Michael Jordan prior to his comments this year. With that being said, Pippen has tried to walk back his comments not too long ago and claimed that Michael Jordan is the best teammate he has ever played with.

Michael Jordan hasn't had a response to the Scottie Pippen comments thus far. Hopefully, the situation between the two is resolved in the future. Regardless, what the two managed to accomplish is spectacular, and both players are all-time greats.