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Former NBA Player Had A Bold Claim About James Harden: "Harden Gonna Have A Hard Time Getting A Former Teammate To Introduce Him At His Hall Of Fame Induction."

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James Harden

James Harden is one of the all-time great shooting guards. He has had some historic scoring seasons with the Houston Rockets, and there's no question that he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

With that being said it seems as though he could have some challenges during the actual induction ceremony. Michael Lee of the Washington Post has recently revealed a text from a former NBA player, which claimed James Harden will have a "hard time getting a former teammate to introduce him" at the ceremony. This seemingly implies that few would be willing to do the honors.

Text from a former NBA player this morning: "Harden gonna have a hard time getting a former teammate to introduce him at his HOF induction"

There is no question that James Harden has had conflicts with teammates in the past. It was most recently reported that he and Kyrie Irving have had problems with one another on the Nets, and it was rumored that James Harden and Dwight Howard had beef with one another on the Houston Rockets. 

Perhaps James Harden can create a championship-winning legacy for himself on the Philadelphia 76ers. There's no question that he and Joel Embiid are now a duo that will be contending for the NBA championship. Harden is already a legend and has been to the NBA Finals in the past, but a ring would make more people view him as a winner who can get it done on the highest level.

Hopefully, we see James Harden succeed in his new destination. He will immediately become the secondary scorer for the Philadelphia 76ers behind Joel Embiid, and he can definitely help the team in other areas as well. James Harden seems like the perfect fit in Philadelphia, and it will be exciting to see what he can do on the court in a new environment.