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Kyrie Irving Responds To A Report Saying He Wanted James Harden Traded: "The Puppets Are Running Wild Again."

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Kyrie Irving has always been an amazingly talented player on the basketball court. He has the best ballhandling ability in the league, and there's no question that he often comes up with dazzling moves to break down opposing defenders. Currently, Kyrie Irving is averaging 23.2 PPG, 4.8 RPG, and 5.3 APG.

Recently, the Brooklyn Nets traded away James Harden for Ben Simmons and some other key pieces. James Harden clearly was unhappy, but there were also reports that suggested that Kyrie Irving was also "eager" to see him move on to a new destination.

Kyrie Irving has recently responded to a Tweet featuring the claim about him wanting James Harden traded and clearly was unhappy with what was said. He told the media to keep his "family name" out of their "simpleton articles", and added that the "puppets are running wild again.

Lol I guess this is "breaking news" media nowadays. Keep my family name out of y'all Simpleton articles. The puppets are running wild again.

This is notably not the first time Kyrie Irving has lashed out at the media. Notably, he has called other media members puppets before. That happened when Kyrie Irving responded to Nick Wright saying he would retire if he were to get traded from the Brooklyn Nets. It is clear that Kyrie Irving is not fond of the media. 

Kyrie Irving has been a part-time player this season, and there's no doubt his absence during the first half of the season as well as his inconsistent presence in the lineup have affected the team. With that being said, perhaps this new trade will help the Brooklyn Nets get better and stop their slump. Ben Simmons, Andre Drummond, and Seth Curry are all good basketball players, and they'll be joining one of the best duos in the league on the Nets. Perhaps we'll see the team go all the way and win the franchise a championship.