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Former NFL Tight End Greg Olsen Says That He Could Turn LeBron James Into An All-Pro Wide Receiver

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LeBron James throwing football

One of LeBron James' defining traits from his rookie year to now, has been his insane athleticism. LeBron James has some amazing strength and speed, something that is of value in any sport. One of the sports that that LeBron James played in high school was football, even being somewhat recruited by elite football programs. Many have wondered how LeBron James would do in the NFL.

Former tight end Greg Olsen has stated that he could coach LeBron James into being an All-Pro wide receiver in the span of a year. While Olsen does admit that it'd be stupid for LeBron James to stop playing basketball, he does think LeBron James could play in the NFL.

Aside from his athleticism, LeBron James is known for being an extremely smart player in terms of strategy and basketball IQ. It isn't a huge stretch to say that LeBron James could develop a similar game sense for football. LeBron James also notably played wide receiver in high school, meaning that he'd have the basic knowledge of the wide receiver position.

While it is unlikely that we see LeBron James transition to the NFL, it is a fun thing to think about. LeBron James had the tools to succeed in a lot of sports: he ended up going with basketball. But one does have to wonder, how James's career would have turned out if he chose football instead.