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Frank Vogel Claps Back At Lakers Age-Related Narrative: "These Guys Can Play. We Have Great Players On Our Team."

aging lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers had a very entertaining 2021 offseason, making a series of interesting moves to fill out the roster, adding several big names to the payroll. 

Many veterans signed with the purple and gold during the summer, creating the oldest team in the entire NBA. Fans have mocked the Lakers for taking this approach just two seasons after winning the championship with a much younger squad in the infamous Orlando bubble. 

Adding names like Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, Rajon Rondo, and more, the Lakers created a very experienced team that look like championship favorites ahead of the season. However, the narrative around their age might be a problem for a lot of people. 

Still, nobody on the team seems too worried about that, starting from head coach Frank Vogel, who only cares about the level of his players. Talking with Allie Clifton and Chris Geeter McGee, Vogel clapped back at people mocking the 'old' Lakers team, saying that most of his players are at a perfect age to compete. 

“I’m not asked, I’m told that we’re old… I’m in my mid-30s, I like that… It sounds wonderful.” 

“I don’t really like the narrative. I don’t. These guys can play. We have great players on our team. Yes, some of them are towards the end of their career. But, they’re still producing at a high level. If you’re producing at a high level, it doesn’t matter how old you are.”

The Lakers might be old, but they have the most talented team in the league. Rob Pelinka went out, traded for Russell Westbrook, and added a lot of talented players on minimum deals. 

Contrary to what some folks think, the Lakers have a big chance to compete for the title. They're only 0.4 years younger than the 1998 Chicago Bulls and we all know how that team fared. 

This upcoming season will present a lot of challenges for the Lakers, but they're ready to face them all. Vogel knows his team wants to win and they will do everything they can to put their hands on the Larry O'Brien trophy for the second time in three years.